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Don't let termites take over your home. Stop them dead in their tracks with an extermination plan from Real Kill Termite & Pest Control LLC. We offer 4 different methods of eliminating termites from your home structures and business. We also specialize in home termite inspections and real estate termite inspections as well.

Offering you the best in termite extermination

• Post-construction treatment, 1-year warranty with an annual renewal option

• Pre-construction treatment, 5-year warranty.

• Advance termite bait monitors, done quarterly

• Termite protection plan

4 types of termite protection:

Are you buying or refinancing your home? We can perform a termite inspection with the necessary paperwork from the National Pest Management Association as well as a wood destroying insect report, form NPMA-33. We will conduct the inspection and we also have necessary methods to eliminate the termites in your future home or property. Call us today to schedule your inspection.

We also do real estate sale termite inspections

Year round protection from termites available


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